Commit 1f713a57 authored by Christian Dietrich's avatar Christian Dietrich

Include mandelbrot.{c,png} into TDS/Flat version

parent 141ef933
......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ source/avremu.pdf
cp source/test-suite/FOOTER avremu/source/latex/avremu/test-suite
cp source/test-suite/HEADER avremu/source/latex/avremu/test-suite
cp source/simple-testsuite.tex avremu/source/latex/avremu/
cp source/avremu.tex avremu/source/latex/avremu/
cp -L source/mandelbrot.png avremu/source/latex/avremu/
# Documenation directory
mkdir -p avremu/doc/latex/avremu
cp source/avremu.pdf avremu/doc/latex/avremu
......@@ -41,6 +43,8 @@ source/avremu.pdf
cp source/simple-testsuite.tex avremu/
cp source/avremu.tex avremu/
cp source/avremu.pdf avremu/
cp -L source/mandelbrot.png avremu/
cp source/test-suite/mandelbrot.c avremu/
zip -r avremu/
......@@ -74,10 +74,10 @@ precisely it implements the instruction-set architecture of the \texttt{ATmega8}
This picture (128x128) took 6 hours to render. The source code can be found in the test-suite
This picture (250x250) took 44 hours to render. The source code can be found in the test-suite
directory under mandelbrot.c.\\
\section{Provided Commands}
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ do_test()
# grab the actual output & exit value
stdbuf -oL pdflatex -halt-on-error -shell-escape "$file".tex 1> $file.output 2> $file.error
pdflatex -halt-on-error -shell-escape "$file".tex 1> $file.output 2> $file.error
rm -f *.log *.aux
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